Qrunt GEO Ltd Company (license No. 000910.LA-03-005) was founded in 1999. The company specialized on conducting engineer-geological, hydrogeological, geophysical, geoecological, geodesic works and other researches and investigations. For performing geological investigations, company has high-qualified specialists, 2 of them are Doctor of Science, 2 are Candidate of Science and a number of professional workers are up to 20. Company provided with necessary techniques, facilities and laboratory instruments which meet the International and accepted standards in Republic. Basic activities directions of the company:

  1. Engineer-geological research and planning;
  2. Hydrogeological investigations and planning;
  3. Drilling works;
  4. Geophysical investigations;
  5. Studying of site from seismic point and regionalization;
  6. Investigation of soils physical-mechanical properties in field and laboratory condition;
  7. Complete chemical water analysis in laboratory condition;
  8. Topography works;

Technical rigs and equipments of company:

  • УГБ-1BC drilling rig on ГАЗ-66
  • УРБ- 2,5A drilling rig on КАМАЗ
  • УРБ -3AM drilling rig on МАЗ
  • 1BA-15H drilling rig on МАЗ-500
  • Vehicle cars for carrying loads and personnel
  • Geophysical and topographic rigs and equipments
  • Complex laboratory installation
  • PASI 16S24-U seismic investigation machine and computer programme suplly
  • “100BSTD” pressuremeter instrument.